recording services

 I offer drum recording sessions both in-studio and remotely. 

In-Studio Drum Recording Sessions

With over 20 years of experience as a session drummer, I have recorded with artists including Simple Minds, Bryan Ferry and Mika in studios such as Abbey Road, Air, RAK, Sphere and Metropolis.

I am available for drum recording sessions to help write and/or record drum parts. Recording sessions can be booked at any verified studio of your choice.

Remote Drum Recording Sessions

My Process/Steps:

  1. Send your details - name etc.
  2. Send links to guide/scratch tracks (usually guitar and vocal), notes and references for what you’d like me to play.
  3. Timeframe/time limitations on your project.
  4. Submit your payment via PayPal to confirm your recording slot. I’ll send a follow up email with an estimated completion time.
  5. I will work with you to make any changes you wish up to a maximum of three (3) revisions.
  6. Upon completion you will receive your full resolution files/stems.

Cherisse Osei